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KERS twiddling by thanky
From thanky:

A few Ideas. Why not double up kers to a team, reset after half the season. Basically if you choose 1 red Bull driver your second choice is automatically the second Red Bull driver and so on........It would make it harder to choose when to use various teams who may enjoy success on certain circuits. Wink Secondly, it is obvious that most of us use Qualification/practice as our Kers choice, mainly because it involves less laps which means less risk as using Kers in the race which is over a lot more laps. Maybe have a points system within Kers, Practise the least points, Quali medium and using Kers within the actual Race gives the most points. Finally, one/two Joker/Jokers a season especially for Kers which doubles the individual score for Kers.

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